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Jen Liss

Coach | Speaker | Podcaster 

Whether coaching, speaking on stage, teaching a workshop, interviewing on a podcast (or sharing on my own), my goal is to show more and more people how to step into your highest potential in a way that is uniquely you.

get untethered 

with breathwork

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and step into a life of joy, ease and authenticity? 

Experience the transformative power of the body-to-mind connection when you join me on a six-session breathwork journey, tailored to your unique goals and intentions.

Let's work together

Ready to let your inner goodness soar?

I’ve been both a successful entrepreneur and a corporate stair climber. I know what it means to achieve success, only to find yourself running exhausting circles on the same depleted, unfulfilled path. How doing things the "right way" eventually feels completely wrong. How living your life for others serves you a big platter of poo poo.


This crap just isn't working (amiright?) It's time to embrace a new way of being, and you know it. I'm raising my hand to hold yours as you step into the unknown – a life that serves you, and allows you to serve at your highest potential.


As a former hairstylist, marketing copywriter, executive communicator, and experience strategist, I offer a unique combination of natural instincts and empathy, well-honed skills, and killer strategies you won't find in any other coach. 

I’m endlessly curious about what motivates us, inspires us, derails our progress, pushes us forward, and – ultimately – what makes us human. My creative superpowers sit at the intersection of people, strategy using research-based approaches, insights, and a touch of woo find solutions to the things that hold good people back.


And I definitely believe in you and all you can do.

Jen oozes creativity and fun that I knew it was exactly what I needed in life. I had been at a standstill in my business and Jen helped me break down resistance that I was stumbling over. Our conversations were so genuine. The things I was learning and discovering were all done in such a loving way that I was blown away. The care that Jen gave me was amazing and I loved that she sprinkled her magic pixie dust on me.

Alison Arakelian, Business Coach


Have some serious fun.

Serious work is best done while having fun. I use this picture of myself riding a mechanical corndog as a regular reminder of this fact,, and I hope it inspires you to think differently about your work, too. If you're ready to add mechanical corn dog energy into your everyday, book a session with me right now so we can get rocking.

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