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Podcaster | Coach | Breathworker | Speaker

I'll help you become the most radiant and badass version of you – so you can show up in your full brilliance.

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Yes. You can live your best life.

Hi, I'm Jen!

And I believe your wildest dreams are possible.

The problem is, there's a part of you that doesn't believe it. 

Many people know this, and they try so hard to "work on it." I did, too.


But heres what I learned: if you're only working on your dreams in your head, you'll never bring them to life.


And working so damn hard does not work.

Here's the dillio: 80% of your "mindset" blocks live in your body, not in your head. Seriously. Your nervous system is the command and control center of the brain, so if you ain't gettin' in and making change there, you are quite literally gettin' nowhere.


I also firmly believe self-development work gets to be fun, and in fact, I'll show you how your personal sense of joy is your #1 strategy


Through nervous system regulation, mind-body connection, and a little thing called "Radical Self-Acceptance," I'll show you a pathway straight home to your greatest and most authentic joy.


This is what I practice, and this is what I teach.


My podcast, Untethered with Jen Liss, is in the top 2.5% of all podcasts, encouraging thousands of listeners to align with their truth and go for their dreams.

When not out inspiring others to live authentically, you'll find me frolicking on hiking trails in Portland, Oregon, partnering on adventures with my husband and business partner, Joey, or loving on my rescue dog, Dear Alfred.

Connect with me on Instagram: @untetheredjen

Ready to untether from the "expected" so you can shine into a more joyful and authentic version of yourself?

Let your inner goodness soar!

As a coach, podcaster, and professional speaker, my goal is to show more and more people how to untether from the invisible crap that holds us stuck in lives that don't feel joyful and free.


I’ve been both a successful entrepreneur and a corporate stair climber. I know what it means to achieve success, only to find yourself running exhausting circles on the same depleted, unfulfilled path.  


As a former hairstylist, marketing copywriter,  strategist, and executive communications leader, I offer a unique combination of natural instincts, well-honed skills, killer compassion, creativity and an embodied "knowing" you won't find in any other coach. 

I’m endlessly curious about what motivates people: what inspires us, derails our progress, pushes us forward, and – ultimately – what makes us human. My creative superpowers sit at the intersection of people and strategy using science and research-based approaches, insights, and a touch of spiritual magic to find solutions to the things that hold amazing people from becoming the boldest, truest expression of themselves.


I’m a: Writer. Speaker. Coach. Strategist. Lifelong learner. Podcaster. Weirdo. Believer in people.


I believe in you and all you can do.

Looking for something?

If you're here to learn more about the work I do, and how I can help you, head over to my Work With Me page. If you're here because I shared some words of wisdom on your podcast and you need my media bio, you'll find that here. You might need a photo of me for that, too, so I popped some downloadable files on here to make it easy for you. 

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