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Unleash the Unique Brilliance in Your Audience 

Talks and workshops for those seeking  authentic expression, courageous action, and confident creativity✨

Own Your Truth

We need more people living and working in a way that brings them joy. 


If you're anything like 99% of people who are dissatisfied with their job or life, you've been working too hard at all the wrong things.  This goes for your clients, employees, and even the leaders of your company, too.


Trying to fit into the mold of who we think we should be, and what we think we should be doing, is exhausting. It's also making us miserable, unhealthy, less creative, and paralyzed to take the kinds of exciting risks that reap the greatest rewards for ourselves, our roles, companies, and society at large.

I'm here to change this, one inspiring talk – and one nervous system – at a time.


If you're in search of an engaging, thought provoking, and inspiring experience that combines science and insights with a touch of whimsy and relatable humor (+ the occasional bit of glitter), you've come to the right place. Invite me to speak at your event, where I'll bring a unique blend of practical knowledge and magical charm to move your audience into action.


Whether you're seeking to teach your employees how to regulate their nervous systems so they can stand strong during a big presentation, hosting a  business summit to help entrepreneurs to do their best work,  or simply looking for someone to inspire the pants off an audience at your upcoming event, my unique blend of practical science, modern empowerment, and self-discovery will show your audience the way.


Check out the videos below for some of my most recent engagements:

Invite me to come talk about:

My speaking engagements combine transformative insights with vibrant energy. If you're seeking to infuse your event with a sprinkle of humor and magic, invite me to the stage! Together, we'll create a custom experience that will linger long after the applause fades.

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