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Jen Liss

Transform Your Life.
Feel More Joy.

Step into the magic you're being called to live.

Your true desires are calling to you.

It's just hard to hear them under the weight of other people's expectations.

Hi, I’m Jen. If this resonates, I’m glad we found each other. Because high-achievers and perfectionists? We’ve got a few things in common. 


I'm here to help you break free from the constant striving and freaking overthinking that’s been holding you in place for far too long. To learn to stop dimming your light and to start shining like the magical unicorn you are. To quit trying to please everyone else and get into integrity with yourself.


To finally let your beautiful inner self soar.

Brands Jen Has Collaborated With

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Jen oozes creativity and fun that I knew it was exactly what I needed in life. I had been at a standstill in my business and Jen helped me break down resistance that I was stumbling over. Our conversations were so genuine. The things I was learning and discovering were all done in such a loving way that I was blown away. The care that Jen gave me was amazing and I loved that she sprinkled her magic pixie dust on me.

Alison Arakelian, Business Coach

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