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I'll help you start your dream podcast in only six weeks. We start March 11!

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Break Free. Be You.
Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

Do you have the courage to live a life that's authentic and true to you?


Do you associate as a pleaser, achiever, or recovering perfectionist? If so, I'm glad you're here.

I understand what it's like to know there's something more for you, but to be too afraid to believe it. This is why I've dedicated my life's work to helping you believe it – and to start living it!

I help individuals break free from the societal, cultural, and relational tethers that prevent them from pursuing their greatest joy, embracing their gifts, and welcoming their most brilliant life.


I currently support people in doing this through professional speaking engagements, coaching, and breathwork. 

Is it time for you to untether? 

Brands Jen Has Collaborated With

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Jen oozes creativity and fun that I knew it was exactly what I needed in life. I had been at a standstill in my business and Jen helped me break down resistance that I was stumbling over. Our conversations were so genuine. The things I was learning and discovering were all done in such a loving way that I was blown away. The care that Jen gave me was amazing and I loved that she sprinkled her magic pixie dust on me.

Alison Arakelian, Business Coach

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