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What if you became totally untethered?

Who are you, Rachel? Like really, who are you? Beneath the name and job title and clothes and relationships and stresses and guilt and worries and fears – who are you? It's a pretty straightforward question. And yet, it's so easy to forget the answer. In fact, I keep the following picture on my Zoom background to remind me of exactly who I am:

Yep. Before I join a class, a meeting, a podcast interview, or a coaching session, I see this visual of myself riding a mechanical corndog at the Original Pronto Pup on Rockaway Beach. Because it's so easy to forget who I truly am and the value I bring to any given situation. Last week, my coach also reminded me of who I am. She also candidly pointed out who I am BEING:

  • I value silliness, lightness, and fun.

  • But I make life serious, heavy, and arduous.

It was a tough pill to swallow. But she was right. Every time I start to move into my greatest state of joy, I pull the pendulum back. Sooooo far back. So I can feel safe and comfy and not having any freaking fun. Because having fun? That shit is joyful. That shit is scary and vulnerable and uncontrolled. That shit is completely untethered.

Announcing: Untethered with Jen Liss

If you're a listener of The Creative Commute podcast, you may have noticed an update today. I've changed the name to focus on an area I'm truly passionate about: Learning how to untether myself from the crap that's weighing me down, stopping me, and keeping me safe in a life that feels pretty darn okay…but it also feels…pretty darn okay. It's good. It's great. It's a 7.7 on a sliding scale from 1-10. But I want it to be a 10. And I'm not alone, right? Right. I know this because the question, “How to untether myself from the stuff that's weighing me down/stopping me” was tops on the results of the question, “What would you like to read more of?” in last week's survey*. (I had already committed myself to the name “Untethered” when I added that question to the survey, btw.) Untethered is about breaking free from all those old stories, beliefs, biases, fears, and judgments we hold so fucking tight. It’s about exploring what it means to truly let it go and be free to experience the wonders the universe has in store. Naturally, I’ve already been doing much of this on the podcast, but I’m taking it to a new and unbridled level, and I'm excited for you to saddle up with me. So head over to my podcast page, click the link to your favorite podcast platform, and SUBSCRIBE. I’ve got a fascinating and fun lineup of guests on the way, and it’s going to keep getting better. Thanks for all the support and love on this journey. XO Jen *Thank you to all who responded to the survey. The insights have already proven so valuable, I'm taking everything into consideration. If you wanted to fill it out but forgot, you can still share your anonymous feedback.

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