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Most Magical Me retreat

Silver Falls, Oregon

Feb 23-26, 2023

Level up at this luxe retreat in one of the most magical places on Earth.


You are meant to shine.

You know it, deep down. You can sense it, feel it, practically taste it. You are full of magical, glittery potential.


But the world has told you to dim it down. That if you shine too bright? You'll steal someone else's sparkle.


So, you snuff it out. As a result, your possibilities are limited.

Whether it's well-meaning friends and family, or society at large, it's normal to feel this way. You probably learned it as a child. I know I did. But I also know it's complete B.S. And it's time for it to stop.

The truth is – whether in your career or business, you top out where you sparkle stops. And you get to control that boundary.

Because your creativity, magic, love, and possibilities are actually boundless, and you can learn to stop capping your potential and start shining brightly so you can FINALLY step into the magical life you've been called to live.

align and level up

Whether you're a business owner struggling to hit the next level or successful in a career that feels like a trap, there are some core concepts you're missing when striving for both financial abundance AND personal fulfillment.

This immersive retreat  will teach you the tools you need in one of the most magically grounded and powerful places on Earth (perfect for releasing the tethers that are holding you hostage in an unfulfilling life.)


Come call in your inner magic and fully step into the most abundant and sparkly version of yourself with like-minded people who are ready to take their life, careers, and businesses to the next level.

2023 is the year you let go of the old stories that are standing in the way between you and your dreams.


Is this retreat for me?    

 If you align with any of the following statements (or some combination), this experience has been hand-crafted for you:

  • You're a business owner who is ready to get to the next level, but haven't been able to step in and truly own your power.

  • You're stuck in a career that you're good at, but it's not fulfilling. You make good money, but the golden handcuffs aren't enough anymore.

  • You know you're being called to make a big, meaningful impact in the world, but you aren't sure how to do it.

  • You are ready to step up and make 2023 the most magical year of your life.

 Earlybird pricing ends Jan 31!



When thinking of Oregon in the winter, some people think of cloudy skies. Which, yes, it’s true. But with those clouds comes an abundance of rain. And with that rain? An abundance of magic.

Join us at this luxe forest retreat from February 23-26 in the abundantly rainy forest one hour outside of Portland, Oregon.

Led by Jen Liss, a somatic life coach, experience strategist, and inner beauty expert, this retreat boasts a mixture of mindset and somatic coaching that will teach you the tools you need to finally let go of what's holding you back from your next breatkthrough.

call in the most magical and abundant you.

This retreat is an intensive following Jen's signature program, teaching you to to release, align, and shine through an intentional and curated experience.

Reserve your spot

This intimate retreat is reserved for a limited number of people who are called to a significant level of transformation and beauty.  Are you in?


Accommodations, activities, meals, snacks, and beverages are included. A payment plan is available, or you can choose to pay in full. Travel is the responsibility of the individual.

Reserve your spot for this all-inclusive magical weekend now. Payment plan is available. For event details, review the FAQ

 Earlybird pricing ends Jan 31!

Dance in the Rainy Forest

The winter forests of the Pacific Northwest are all magical. But there is one place where the dazzling mossy wonderland meets nature’s purest power: Silver Falls.


Named by many as the crown jewel of Oregon, February is the most powerful time to visit Silver Falls, because the abundant rain makes the park's 10 waterfalls (several you can walk behind!) even more mind-bogglingly spectacular.

Come release that dimmed down version of yourself into the capable hands of Mother Nature as we dance in the rain, call in your inner magic, and teach it how to sparkle.

Your Stay

The cozy lodge spaces at Smith Creek Village are curated and designed to fully immerse guests in the forest for a feeling of being "tucked in" with nature. 

The care that Jen gave me was amazing and I loved that she sprinkled her magic pixie dust on me.

Alison Arakelian


Meet your host, Jen.

Hi! I'm Jen Liss.


I’m on a mission to  bring more joy, truth, and light to the world. At this retreat, I'll help you let go of the old stories and judgments you hold so stinkin' tightly so you can finally free the weird, wonderful, fully alive, sparkliest version of yourself (the one that's been casually hiding under a rock.)

As a former hairstylist, executive communicator, experience strategist, and now as a personal coach and breathwork facilitator, I offer a unique combination of instinct, empathy, and skills you won't find in any other retreat facilitator.

I used to be a rain-hater who is now obsessed with all-things Oregon,  including its luscious rainy months, and I cannot wait to show this beautiful group of humans the magic it holds as we unfurl your own inner beauty for the world to behold!

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  • When is the Most Magical Me retreat taking place?
    The retreat is from February 23-26, 2023. The first event begins at 4:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, February 23, and the final event will end at 2 p.m. PST on Sunday, February 26. We will begin each morning around 8:30 a.m. with activities going throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Where will the retreat be?
    This experience is taking place at Smith Creek Village about an hour outside of Portland, Oregon and inside Silver Falls State Park.
  • What do I get for my investment?
    You get a unique transformational experience carefully crafted alongside expert guidance and support. A powerful moment in time you'll recall as the moment all the magic began for you. A weekend you'll never forget. Delicious meals, connection, camaraderie, belly laughs, dancing, the chance to see, smell, touch, and feel Earth's majesty.
  • I’m flying into the Portland, Oregon airport (PDX.) Should I rent a car?
    If you prefer access to your own transportation, you are welcome to rent a car. However, we will be providing transport to-and-from the airport to the retreat location, leaving PDX at approximately 1:30 p.m. PST on Thursday, Feb. 23 and returning to PDX on Sunday mid-afternoon. There are ample places to stay near the airport in Portland, if needed. If you have questions about transportation, send them to
  • What can I expect to experience at this retreat?
    Over the course of the weekend, Jen and every facilitator on staff will follow an intentional flow to help you Release, Align, and Shine while intentionally holding a safe container where true transformation can occur. Together, we will help you release old, stuck thoughts and energy, to align with a positive vision for your future, and to step into that vision as the shiny unicorn you were born to be.
  • What specific activities will I be partaking in at this retreat?
    Our intention is that the weekend be fun and freeing, while also calling forth your inner wisdom and magic. You can expect dancing in the rain, hiking, trauma-informed breathwork, energetic healing and release, meditation, vision crafting, a story workshop, journaling, and even magical photos to leave you with a gorgeous way to remember the experience. While you may try modalities you haven’t previously experienced, Jen is passionate about crafting judgment-free zones where it is comfortable to sample new things. You are welcome to opt in or out of any activity.
  • Tell me more about the accommodations.
    Smith Creek Village is Silver Falls’ only boutique hotel, and their lodges have been designed to immerse guests in the old growth rainforest for a feeling of being “tucked in” with nature. They’re cozy and adorable. Retreat guests will be staying in one of their cozy lodges, featuring bedrooms with XL twin beds. Accommodations are double occupancy by default, but single occupancy is available upon request.
  • What about meals?
    All meals are included, within a generous allowance, and will be received in The Big Leaf Coffeehouse & Grill which serves a variety of delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu supports many dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan. If you have especially dining requests, email Included meals are: dinner on Thursday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner are Saturday, and brunch on Sunday.
  • I’m a snacker. Will there be snacks?
    Ample snacks and a variety of beverages will be stocked and available 24/7 in the lodge, and you are welcome to visit The Big Leaf Coffeehouse & Grill for supplemental coffees or other snacks and beverages outside of the meal allowance. You are also welcome to bring your own.
  • Will I have the opportunity to hike the famous Silver Falls hike “Trail of Ten Falls”?
    Yes! You will have the opportunity to partake in this spectacular hike on Friday, February 24. This hike can range anywhere from one to nine miles, allowing you to see up to ten waterfalls. Our plan is to craft hike options based on the desires of our retreat guests, but rest assured you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with the power and beauty of Silver Falls!
  • How far is Smith Creek Village to the Trail of Ten Falls hike?
    While you could hike to the waterfalls right from our lodge, it is more than a mile hike to the official Trail of Ten Falls. We will hike the falls on Friday, and will transport the group to the hike.
  • Why should I be excited about the rain?
    We intentionally planned this retreat during Oregon’s rainy season. This is when the falls reach their most glorious power, perfect for releasing stuck energy, emotions, and thoughts, and the abundance of rain transforms the terrain into a mossy wonderland (you’ll likely swear you saw a fairy flitting around somewhere!) Both the abundance and the power of the water will aid us in our intention to release what’s holding us back and call in power and magic.
  • What should I pack?
    For our inside events, pack for comfort. Think cozy sweatshirts, sweaters, and comfy socks. Choose quick-drying leggings over jeans. For our outdoor events like hiking, I recommend bringing water-resistant hiking tennis shoes or boots, as well as a raincoat or waterproof/resistant jacket with a hood. Layers are always the best choice in Oregon! Bring more than one pair of shoes (you’ll want them once your hiking shoes get muddy and wet!)
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    Yes! You can choose the "Payment Plan" option on this page, which will allow you to make three payments of $1,999. The first payment is due today, the next will be due one month from today, and the final payment will be due two months from today.
  • How do I reserve my spot?
    Reserve your spot here.
  • Other questions?
    Email Jen at
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