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Break Free. Be You.
Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

Do you have the courage to be you?

How about in your  business or career?

Hi, I'm Jen! I help people just like you to break free from the tethers that prevent you from being your most authentic version of yourself.



Because you deserve to avoid the number one regret of the dying: Not living a life that's true to you.


And also because – by not being your most authentic, radiant, and outlandishly real version of yourself, you will never connect with your dreams.


So, whether you're trying to manifest the perfect clients to your business, your dream job or career, or an overall amazing and abundant life, welcoming it starts with untethering from everything you think you should be doing.


It's time to get to know who you truly are, start expressing it in all the ways you currently aren't, and watch the magic roll in.

Are you ready to untether? Let's do it, together. 

Explore my coaching, breathwork, and speaking offerings.

Brands Jen Has Collaborated With

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